Nilambur Project Handover

The Nilambur house project funded by NECAB (NSS College Alumni, Bangalore) is nearing completion. Handover function is scheduled for 07/11/2020 at 12.00 PM. Beneficiary was suggested by a progressive group called Nirbhaya (A group of women activists for social justice). Darsana is always open to associate with other organizations/ individuals to take-up projects which helps individuals and community.

Shahida, a native of Edakkara, Nilambur was a victim of infamous “Mysore Kalyanam‟.

She escaped from that trap, returned home, and was struggling to survive by starting a small ironing shop and doing odd tailoring jobs. That was when the 2019 floods hit Nilambur which destroyed all her earnings. Shahida had to shift to a relief camp and her sad story which appeared in the media caught the attention of a women‟s empowerment group, Nirbhaya, who in turn approached Darsana for support in fulfilling her dream of owning a house. Darsana had already committed to building 7 houses, few of which were handed over and the rest were in the process of being completed. Under these circumstances, Darsana did not have the funds to do one more house. That is when NECAB, NSS Engg College Alumni Bangalore stepped in with the funds. Darsana coordinated the initial efforts with local support and undertook the construction of the house using the most feasible and sustainable method.

Wishing Shahida and family a happy and prosperous life in the new house