Annual meeting of Darsana Oman Chapter “Darsana Day” held on 9th October 2020. Com. 

Ajmal delivered the welcome address and the meeting was presided over by Com. Sunil Menon.

Prof. Rajan Babu inaugurated the Darsana Day Oman Chapter 2020. In his inaugural speech, sir expressed his pleasure and gratitude to be part of this Annual General Body of Oman Chapter. The circumstances that led to the conception of the initiative “Predict” by Ex. M.P Com. M.B Rajesh in coordination with Darsana was detailed to the members. 

He also mentioned about Darsanas contribution and efforts to realize the other initiatives viz. BCE and Prabhakaran Scholarship as well as shared his observation to provide mentoring sessions to these beneficiaries. He also mentioned about current political situation in India and steps to be taken to react against them starting from home. 

Followed by the inauguration Com. Ajmal presented the Annual Report of Oman Chapter for discussion approval by the members.
Darsana office bearers and advisors to EC addressed the meeting.
A New Coordination Committee for the year 2020 ‐ 2021 was proposed by Com. Vinod Kumar M S and Annual meeting approved the proposal.

First meeting of the CC was conducted in a breakout room which was attended by newly elected CC members and the EC members from Oman Com. Sunil Menon and Com. Vinod Kumar M S.
Com. Lakshmi- Chapter Coordinator
Com. Sijoy- Asst. Coordinator
Com. Rajesh Thampi- Treasurer
Com. Gokul- CC Member