UAE Coordination committee met on 16/10/2020. 

17 out of 20 CC members attended the meeting.

UAE CC decided to conduct Expression 2020 online on 13th November 2020. It will be telecasted through Darsana FB Page & YouTube Channel.

UAE CC decided to centrally collect Manasa Mohan’s treatment support fund from UAE and transfer to his wife’s account.

UAE CC advised all it members to take Top-up med- ical insurance policy for the family, which is cheaper to protect their families from unforeseen medical emergencies.

UAE Chapter representatives regularly attend Technos UAE meeting and are coordinating with other college like minded representative to form Similar organization like Darsana in other colleges. Darsana UAE chapter played an important role in arranging key note speakers and coordinating the Webinar conducted by Technos on the Agricultural act. The Webinar was held on 9th Oct.