Victory in Advocacy: Floating Reservation Abolished in Engineering Colleges

We’re thrilled to share some uplifting news! Through our advocacy efforts, the floating reservation system in engineering colleges has been abolished by a recent Government Order.

During our last BCS talk, Minister Radhakrishnan and Dr. Usha Tytus were invited as chief guests, where we highlighted this issue. Ahead of the event, we prepared a detailed write-up and briefed the minister. Darsana did bring this point to the forefront, during our Program, which minister Radhakrishnan missed to attend.  Following the talk, we continued our advocacy with a representation to the Minister.

While this victory is the result of relentless efforts by various organizations like KGOA, we take pride in our role in challenging the flawed implementation of reservations in engineering colleges. As members of Darsana, let’s celebrate this achievement and continue our commitment to positive change in society.


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