Future without Humanity

Dayha fathima 60x60

Daya Fathima 

D/o Shajith AT 1995 CE

What is this world full of cruelty? Religion, race,nationality and gender. What divides us humans?

Why this inequality?

Where has humanity gone?

A question we need to ponder today. “Humanity? What do you mean by that? Is that a new game, which site?”

Will be the question of a digital citizen

The generation to come….digital generation…


The shell of the utopian city burning around us.

No more fireworks for gunpowder filled up the vast blue sky… Plants are destroyed, animals are killed

And human beings ask for food!!! Killing one to sustain another…. People die everyday

Yet, they seem to care only when someone dies at their feet.


Is this what we want??

Have we become machines!!!

Digital beings and not human beings with blood and emotions…

A slave of technology!!!! A slave of machine!!! Digital dictatorship…. And violence being the only weapon……


Wow what have we become!!!! What are we giving the future…. we have damaged the land

We have polluted the air

We have dumped the oceans

We have choked the life out of the future And what more do we have….


What do we apologise for Who do we apologise to

To us, to generations to come To nature to whom?

Because all i see now are humans and no humanity I see humans but no humanity

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