(In memory of a dear friend and classmate Untimely snatched from us)

ANILKUMAR.G, 1986- 1990 EEE resized
Anil Kumar
(1986-90) Batch
July 2021 

The wind cried with its hollow voice

Thick with sorrow all around the place

The drizzle came down like tears

Turning the land glum and gloomy


A few friends were not yet rested

Although they were wide apart

Abducted to their orbits by destiny

Abreast they stood bidding adieu


They stood at the pristine chapel with

Trembling hands clenched to a fist for comfort

Terrible was the ambiance laden with grief

Thinking of their beloved friend thieved from them


Adolescents were they when met at first

Ambitious were they in their deeds and dreams

Accelerating were their turbulent thoughts

Adorable were the shiny smiles they shared


Brittle was she the beloved Betty

Blending with the batch buoyantly

But alas earth opened mouth and took her away

Bereaving her beloved ones