Beneath The Silence

ANILKUMAR.G, 1986- 1990 EEE (2)
Anil Kumar G
1990 EEE

The old man sat alone on a barricaded bank
The pebbles sobbed; the stream gave a cryptic cry
The drizzle that came down resembled tears
The clouds tried to run from the scene of anguish

The wailing wind took the clouds where it can
The natural silence of the trees was broken
The stooping old man sat oblivious to all these
Twined with thoughts tormenting his soul

Lovely small heavenly family of four
Lovable little wife deft in her deeds
Laudable boy with dark skin and curly hair
Lovely angel of the home thin and fair like her mother

Bright were the children in their deeds
Bringing lot of laurels home
Baffling the parents every now and then
Binding them with strings of love

Brilliant was the son off he went to the States
Buoyant was the father sending daughter with in-laws
But forlorn when left alone by the
Better half who left for the eternal abode

All the pride and prosperity were futile
As the loved ones left him alone
Abandoned Beneath the cloud of silence
Absolute anguish tormenting him always

lonely man
lonely man
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