Darsana UAE Chapter Membership Drive

On March 18, 2024, the UAE Chapter organized a get together of members from batches 2015 to 2023 at Al Twar Park, Qusais. The event, attended by 15 members, aimed to strengthen ties within the UAE Darsana community and outline upcoming initiatives.

Highlights included identifying UAE-based members from batches 2015 to 2023 and introducing attendees. Discussions emphasized Darsana’s significance and activities, with insights from Comrades Sameer, Dinesh I, and Manu Jose. Membership details were provided by Dinesh I.

Future plans, including the Darsana UAE Sangamam guest selection, were deliberated. Attendees shared their experiences as left-aligned students, fostering engaging dialogue.

Action items included identifying remaining UAE members, completing digital membership forms, confirming Sangamam guests, and further addressing student experiences.

The meeting concluded with a convivial dinner, fostering camaraderie. Next steps include ongoing engagement and planning for future endeavors.


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