Membership Drive- Darsana Bangalore Chapter Online Meeting Recap

On March 24, 2024, the Darsana Bangalore Chapter convened an online catch-up session with members from the 2016-2023 batches. The meeting aimed to reintroduce members and discuss plans for reconnecting and providing support.

Attendees included Asif (2016), Abel (2023), Nivya (2023), Fasil, Anal (2020), Akshay, Archan, and unit leaders from SFI batches, such as Adhitya and Vishnu. Kavya, a current college final year batch unit leader, also participated.

Although some members were unable to attend, including Neeraj Shan, Jinhi, Runso, Rumaisa, and Jishnujith, several EC/CC members, including Manoj KC, Arunan, Jose, Arjun KP, Pramod, and Vineet PS, joined the session.

The meeting concluded with plans to hold a catch-up session on May 12, 2024. The location will be finalized soon. All members from the 2016-2023 batches and CC members are encouraged to block the date for this upcoming session.


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