The Voice of Silence

Nandana photo

Nandana Prakash

I slithered on to a bare trunk,
A trunk that I was unfamiliar to.
Its branches a stranger,
Yet giving a comforting tone of home.
The gentle wind brushed against its leaves,
And the lapping water stroked ever so softly at its roots.
Noise was silenced and then,
Silence spoke.
Silence prompted my yesterdays,
Of days when fear hadn’t gripped me.
And of our amiable territory,
That was now a faded dream.
Silence reminded me, the day when they arrived.
Our ambience thronged with the voice of men.
They took my home,
And with that several lives of my kind.
As the last rays of sunlight seeped into the soft grass,
Silence affectionately apprised me,
Its final words lifted my spirits.
It whispered, “Hope beyond your limits.”

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